Making Noise

Hearts Wish Mums
Heart’s Wish Mums, a Joyful Brush online lesson, 20X20, oil

This week we have our two final video shoots in Flower Mound Studio with Joel, and then we pack the big ole’ truck with paintings and head to Colorado. Transporting three very energetic pugs cross country is the one bit of our grand transition that has me worried, mainly the evening we would need to spend in a pet friendly hotel between here and our new home.

One thing I’m especially looking forward to: The smallest member of the household, 12 pounds of pug mightiness herself, has perfected an ear-splitting pig squeal any time she sees a human in public who is not rushing over to pet her. I can just imagine the reactions from unsuspecting business travelers in hotel corridors, normal folks who aren’t aware that a shrieking animal is not being harmed, but is, instead, inexcusably spoiled. Would we be politely booted out by hotel management for animal abuse? Would the SPCA be summoned for a midnight intervention at the I-45 LaQuinta? Fortunately, a fellow pug rescue friend offered the use of her home at the halfway point of our journey, and, like a miracle dropping from the sky, the pug squealing in public situation was resolved. (Pity, though, all those business travelers have NO idea what they will be missing.)

Taylor is saucy, bossy, and has no qualms about making herself heard. I sometimes wish I had such self-confidence and absolute faith in myself. It may be a side effect of being an artist, though, this constant self-analyzing, processing, measuring and assessing of everything we create. There is also that tendency where we compare our paintings to others, instead of simply accepting what we’ve created as a tribute to how hard we’ve worked, and how far we have come in the journey. The simple act of creating is such a powerful thing we’ve allowed into our lives and nurtured in our own studios and homes. How exquisite this world would be if this positive energy was a part of everyone’s lives. Couple that with some bold, sassy self-confidence, and we artists would be superpower, cape wearing, life celebrating, unstoppable forces!

Watch out world, she’s getting those brushes out again…



quote caterpillar


Taylor-nator Alligator
Front and Center: Taylor-nator Alligator







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  1. Nancy, it’s 3 degrees here this morning – I am warmed by reading your newsletter. As always, you spread encouragement, joy, and a path through the “artist doubts.”
    Wishing you, Carlos, & those sweet pug babies a happy, safe journey.

    • Oh my gosh Connie, now that is cold! I was complaining after our walk with the pups this morning but it was a balmy 32 degrees here! Sending hugs to you and Jim. Stay warm lady! x

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