Only The Stars to Guide Me

Aspens on Violet 16X16
Aspens on Violet (the view from my window), 16X16, oil, information



When I was a child, we would play a game on warm summer nights in the deep woods of our 20-acre farm. We would walk up the field road between thick groves of trees, playing hide and go seek in the pitch black of night. The only way to stay on the path was to look straight up at the stars stretched like a tapestry of jewels above the treetops. So long as you didn’t take your eyes off the sky, you could find your way to base.

There are times that working as a full-time artist feels a bit like that childhood journey, moving through the unknown, but always keeping faith that hard work, painting, and a love of teaching will be the guide stars that propel me forward. Sometimes it feels I’ve arrived at a new destination without seeing the journey. In two weeks, I’ll be planting rhizomes in a new garden (hoping to beat the snow!), unpacking paints in a new studio, and giving the studio skylights a test drive above the easel. But life would just be boring if I didn’t overschedule and double up on important occurrences, don’t you agree? At the same time we’re moving into a new home, we’re launching a new online class, all in the same few weeks. These days finding serenity is a full-time job, and the view from my window has given me that gift.

Our new house has an ancient blue spruce that towers above the rooftop, and aspens as big as oak trees. Rock formations in the yard are part of the Open Mesa wild area, which runs along the back of the house and promises to be a challenging hike each morning with the hubby. It’s definitely time to buy some real hiking shoes, since a 500-foot incline is on the menu and just up the hill. It does explain why herds of deer like congregating outside our living room window, munching on the neighbor’s bushes and anticipating bounty from the rookie gardeners in our house, who will keep them supplied with delicious hydrangeas, petunias and morning glories next summer.

Colorado Springs is a feast for the eyes, and is described as the biggest small town you ever met. We love living in this “Mayberry in the Mountains” under the kind gaze of Pike’s Peak every morning. I’m not minding cooler temperatures at all, in fact I’m ready for snow again! But before those flakes start falling, I’m venturing one more time out into blooming gardens, and inviting you along!

In two days, earlybird registration opens for my new online class, Return to Monet’s Garden. You’re invited to join me for a six-week online journey to the world created from seed to petal, from earth to sky, by the vision of the Father of Impressionism.

Return to Monet’s Garden will include seven full-length lessons you can download and keep. Every full-length painting shared has never before been taught, so all the exciting color ahead is fresh as a daisy for your brush and your inner muse.

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In just a few weeks, my newest online painting journey begins – Return to Monet’s Garden is filled with the joy and wonder of the gardens of Giverny.  With landscapes and floral paintings you can download and keep, join me for a beautiful dip into the world where sky meets water, and color knows no boundaries. All lessons have never been seen or shared previously, so every step will be filled with exciting new experiences filled with a world of creative possibilities.

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New online lessons are blooming!

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Start painting with me right away in The Joyful Brush, my monthly online class. Find out why hundreds of students from around the world have already joined the flower family, with weekly live videos, live paintings, and a library filled with full-length lessons waiting for you as soon as you arrive. Get all the color you love, and a beautiful place to grow through all the seasons of your art journey.

I want more Joy in my studio!





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The Joyful Brush is a monthly painting lessons membership, here's the scoop!

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