Painting Peach Spiral Peonies Step by Step

Peach Spiral Peonies, 16X16, oil, information
Peach Spiral Peonies, 16X16, oil, information


There is just something about peonies! I love peony perfume (Jo Malone, oo la la!) and I love peony air fresheners, too. It’s no secret my favorite flower model is the peony. These intricate flowers have so many variations, colors and shapes, I never grow tired of what will happen when my brush intersects with their frilly skirts and feather head-dresses on canvas. A peony is an explosion of pink joy, a cloud of sweet scents and every variation of beautiful pink and dulcet peach tones in one.

Here is a step by step exercise of a small peony painting I completed last week. I use a large 3/4 inch flat brush to create my forals. A large brush helps prevent precious detail that can suffocate the spontaneity and life-filled movement of a botanical subject. Starting with a very abstract underpainting in all transparent color is the key, and gives the added benefit of beautiful “mix into” colors to build subtle layering.

If you’re curious about my brushes and colors, you can find all my favorite supplies here. Enjoy!

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step 1 peach spiral peonies
Step 1 ~ Peach Spiral Peonies
step 2 peach spiral peonies
Step 2 ~ Peach Spiral Peonies




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