Pink Tulip Jubilee and A Gift for You

Pink Tulip Jubilee
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
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The fresh pink tulips stayed perky under the studio spotlight for one more day, and I suspect the cool spring weather is helping them along just a bit. We had such ferocious storms in Texas this week, with fortunately no damage to my iris and hydrangea beds in the back yard. My little rescue pug Hannah is terribly afraid of storms, so she spent a lot of time in Mom’s arms, since sleeping was out of the question. Finally we discovered she felt best with her head buried under a nice soft pillow, and was finally snoring away (that is Hannah was snoring, not her Mom, just to clarify, since we know her Mom never ever snores…..)

In honor of spring, my most absolute favorite time of year, I’m giving away a gallery wrap print of one of my most popular paintings, Life’s a Breeze Peonies.. How to win? Sign up for my Art Newsletter! I’ll be announcing the winner on May 2 at 8:30 pm CT on my Facebook Fan Page so tune in for the announcement – you might need to get that hammer and nail out for a new work of art!

Click Here to Sign Up for a Chance to Win Some Breezy Peonies!

Life’s a Breeze Peonies ~ Sign up to Win!

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