Painting Monet’s Garden ~ A Special One-Time Offer!


This is an exclusive limited-time offer and discount only for students of Return to Monet’s Garden.


You’re invited to explore the magical light and endless color of the gardens of Giverny in my online class, Painting Monet’s Garden. Have you ever wondered what flowers Monet loved best? Is one of your fondest dreams to wander down flower-strewn paths framed by dahlias, irises and tulips? In Painting Monet’s Garden, we’ll create some of the most beautiful visions from the home of the impressionist master.

What’s included: Eight full-length oil painting lessons to download and keep, membership in a private Facebook group, a super-responsive help desk team every step of the way, access to all course materials for a full year, a library of resource video tips, and more.

Go here to learn more.

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