Seaside Cottage – A French Retreat and a St. Louis Workshop

Seaside Cottage – A French Retreat
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
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This morning I received an email from LinkedIn suggesting I consider a new job in architecture. This is about as close as I’ll get to being an architect, one of the paintings of Le Vieux Couvent in Frayssinet, France, converted via my imagination into a seaside retreat. Can you tell I’m longing for spring? I had a palette knife teacher from Belgium once who told us, “There are no straight lines in nature.” I can tell you for certain there are no straight lines in French villages, either. The old roofs are layered with ancient tiles and when one section collapses, it is often propped up with boards and patched over with another layer of beautiful ochre tiles. The result is a colorful treat for the artist’s eye!

Painting Florals and Landscapes in Brilliant Color in St. Louis, Missouri

October 23-25, 2015

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I’m very excited to announce a new workshop in St. Louis is set for October 23-25 – we’ll paint bright florals and French landscapes in this historic town of my birth! You are invited to join me for three full days of painting, and students who work in oils, acrylics and water based oils are welcome. Read more….

Out with the new, in with the old! A pigeonnier in France, not

far from Le Vieux Couvent, where I teach in August!

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