This Strange New World

Pansy Feast - Garden Bunny
Pansy Feast, Garden Bunny, 16X16, a Joyful Brush Lesson

Each morning the world is unfolding in a new way, and the changes that are ahead appear frightful. In the midst of the worry, there have been beautiful moments, too. One of the pearls given in this new edict of social distancing is enforced quality time with family. I keep remembering summertimes on my childhood farm, when I was too young to drive, too shy to seek out neighborhood kids to play with, and filled with anticipation for the months ahead with charcoal pencils and sketch books as my sole escape. Today, I’ve suddenly found hours of time previously spent rushing from appointment to appointment, and the days on my calendar have miraculously cleared.

How are you spending these hours, these days of solitude? Are you finding more time to paint and more time with family? Are you rediscovering time to think?

What was once a daily obsession is rising to another level in my art journey, and I’m producing multiple paintings on some days (and I’ll be running out of canvases soon at this rate!). What does daily painting give you that occasional dabbling does not? Intuition. But, in the midst of this new bonanza of time, I believe what I once labeled as intuition is something much more. Those whispers and ideas that seem to come from an external source are the gifts we are given in exchange for opening ourselves and waiting, like vessels, for inspiration, for discovery, and sometimes simply for a moment of mental rest. Those whispers may be something much bigger than that. They may be words from our future selves, directing us toward a better path.

What can daily painting give us? The pearls and whispers that make up intuition; the answer to the question that cannot be resolved with a formula or a rote process. Quiet is the first step, solitude is the first brave space, where we grow our flames the brightest as creatives in this strange, new world.


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Baskets of Joy
Baskets of Joy, a Joyful Brush Lesson

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  1. Love your paintings and thank you for your encouraging words during this unprecedented time. I find solitude in my painting these days.

    • Thank you Fay, I hope you are able to squeeze in some painting – stay safe sweet friend!

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