Thunder in Tuscany and 1000 Years of Prayer ~ Painting Near the Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance

Class Demonstration, Tuscany, Italy

Thunder Red Geraniums
Oil on Museum Quality Panel

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Thunder rolled across the Tuscan hills last night, blasting light in bolts that shook the ground and threw out the power for a short time during our dinner hour at San Fedele in the Chianti region of Italy. We grabbed our wine glasses, cameras, and other valuables from tables on terraces overlooking vineyards and ran into the chapel to escape a drenching rain. As black clouds moved quickly across hills that had seen the boots of the Gestapo, the soft tread of monks, and the footprints of local farmers, it seemed only fitting to find sanctuary in a place where prayer had been given for 1000 years.

Tomorrow will be our third day of exploring the Chianti region, and of painting each day in a high ceilinged room adorned with frescos, adjoining the chapel of San Fedele, a place where local families have found solace for over 10 centuries. It is an honor to teach painting in a place so close to the birth of the Renaissance, and the signs are all around us pointing to how this red earthed golden sky-ed place inspired brushes to reach for the heavens.

Already I’ve seen a few signs that are hard to ignore. I’m sharing all my favorite Tuscany painting videos and photos with you each day on my Facebook page, join me there for images of pasta, paint, biblical clouds, rose laced vineyards, and petals painted in joyful color! Read more….

Salute from Tuscany!

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  1. I listened to your interview on AHA radio today in the car. I loved the tribute you gave to your students and the sacrifices they make to come to your workshops. Your Hydrangeas are beautiful. Congratulations on pursuing your painting full time! It’s a wonderful passion and life isn’t it?
    Alice Hauser

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