Wardrobe Culture Shock and Monkey Business in the Studio

White Mums and Delphiniums, a Joyful Brush lesson, 16X16, oil


Super early tomorrow morning, we take our first load of treasures to our new home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I know what you’re thinking: What on earth are you doing, moving in winter? It’s going to be COLD there, and it snows there, too! Peeps are saying there’s going to be an adjustment period, especially to the chilly weather. And I totally get that now. I was up ’til midnight last night googling hairdressers (specializing in coloring gray hair) and where to buy cute winter shoes. You know, priorities and all. But winter shoes! Just those two words were enough to send me spiraling. I’ve been an open-toed sandals kind of gal year-round for decades. We are officially off the plantation and outside the 80-degree winter comfort zone.

The movers took one look at my art stuff on video (did you know they do these quote thingies by video now?) and announced they do not move paintings or paint or artwork of any kind. Fortunately, I had already planned to hand-carry these items. After all, just the tubes of Old Holland Caribbean Blue alone cost more than our Toyota Highlander. We can’t take foolish risks and all, potentially losing one of those.

It is all super exciting, and there is something cathartic about throwing dusty things in the bin. I spent all day today cleaning out my paint store room. There were some shocking discoveries, such as learning I have a propensity for hoarding future art supplies. Someday I shall be a furniture refinisher! Someday I shall learn tole painting! Someday I shall… (and the list goes on). You may have no idea what I’m talking about, since you are smarter and more logical during your unsupervised visits to arts and craft stores than that gal in Flower Mound Studio.

A new beginning is blooming, and every moment I’m thankful for this opportunity. I’m incredibly thankful to my students, who keep my little art world turning and all the excitement and joy front and center. Starting a new chapter at this late chronological juncture is a gift, and without my hubby here, it would never have happened. And I mustn’t forget to mention how super helpful the pug pups have been. Did you know, for example, that silk flowers are edible, and when Mom yells “Spit that out” it means: Run as fast as you can away from Mom? The monkey business does keep me giggling, though, and it’s wonderful to know we don’t have to rush this process. The next time you hear from me, I’ll be sharing more of this big adventure with you. It’s time for a new leaf, and all the new color and joy is still ahead. A million thanks for all the good wishes, flower family, it’s time to try on some winter shoes!


Taylor and Nancy
Taylor-Nator (Alligator) and Mom


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My message is: Paint what you love how you love it, and don’t be afraid to get a little wild and happy when the brush is moving and the muse is dancing. Life is too short to deny yourself joy in this wild and precious journey. Try something new, because outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens!



Fish Bowl Hydrangeas, a Paint Brilliant Acrylics lesson


Registration is now open ~ Paint Brilliant Acrylics!

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June 2020 ~ Your summer escape awaits!

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You are invited to join Nancy for a summer getaway to the magnificent French Alps. There is no more beautiful escape from the summer heat than spending 10 days in the heart of the lovely  medieval village of Annecy, known as “The Venice of France” with its canals, flower gardens, cafes and shops.

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After flying into Geneva, Switzerland, we’ll make our home in The Splendid Hotel near the shores of historic Lake Annecy. Your journey begins with a tour of Col de la Forclaz with lunch on the terrace of a dairy farm in the mountains. We’ll sample slices of charcuterie, cheeses, potato beignets, and fresh blueberry tarts with cream. We’ll tour the Chateau de Menthon St Bernard, a castle filled with 13th century furnishings, tapestries and a library of ancient manuscripts painted with illuminations from the monks of the Middle Ages. And this is all just Day 1!

During your journey workshop, you’ll have plenty of painting time with Nancy in the indoor studio at your hotel in Annecy. Nonpainters will enjoy additional tours and excursions while the painters are busy in the studio. This tour is filling quickly! Contact support@www.nancymedina.com for registration details.




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  1. Hi, there, Nancy. Welcome to Colorado! It is a fun, youngish and gracious state of mind! BTW, we call “winter shoes” boots, here. It’s also pretty important to wear “socks” no matter what shoes/boots/slippers you wear. You will love it here, we promise!

    • That is great advice Diane! I know it’s going to be fun, even if it takes a little getting used to, having my toes covered up! 😉

  2. After living ten years in Steamboat Springs with an average 400” per winter my best footwear advice for snow, not sitting by the fireplace, are Sorrels. Saved my life several times. Jackets-HH HellyHanson. Light but keeps the wind and cold out. Have fun. Paint trees .
    Hugs, Sally King

    • Thank you Sally, I just checked out Sorel’s and their slippers are on my radar for sure! 🙂

  3. i am a year around sandals person in arizona but in the winter when its cold i go for ugg boots,, they are so warm, soft comfy and dont make you tired when standing in them for hours. they are snuggy super great, have been wearing for 20 years. have all colors, all and short ones. love them! try them! joyce

  4. Colorado has the best weather in the country. No bugs in the summer which is a huge plus. Beautiful blue skies and lots of sunshine. Wish we still lived there. Move sounds so exciting.

    • Yvonne thanks for sharing that – that’s definitely the impression we had when we visited, and from talking to friends who live there. Yay!

  5. I’m so excited for you, Carlos and the pug babies! You are about to be so inspired by all the new sights. I’m a big believer in new adventures. I can’t wait to see your new studio! ❤️

    • Thank you Maribeth! And to think that you won’t be able to drive to my flower store anymore….oh wait, you CAN still drive to my flower store! 😉

  6. I wish you all the happiness in this new adventure of your life. It sounds very exciting. I think you and your husband are very brave to make such a drastic change in your life. I expect your creative juices will be enhanced by new vistas and new vegetation. I look forward to seeing your future work.

  7. Safe travels to your new home Nancy! As a FL gal who relocated to CT – I can attest that happiness starts with your feet! Go for a tall pair of Sorels lined in fleece for when the snow is deep. And for everyday, google Blondo Waterproof boots, – they’re little short booties, very cute, very comfortable, and are the best fitting ones I’ve found. And your feet stay dry even when it’s slushy outside. Start collecting Smart wool socks, Tall ones for when the snow is deep, and short ones for everyday. I wear the Blondos and smart-wool from Autumn through Spring here in CT…..and love it when summer finally arrives so I can wear flip-flops again. It took me A LONG TIME before I finally got it right with the shoe thing – it’s no laughing matter!! Good luck with the move!!

    • Hey Roxanne, thank you bunches for those brand recommendations, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to figure out! Yay! Thanks for the well wishes, too, I know there will be days when I’ll say what were we thinking?? but the good weather here is already winning us over!

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