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Online painting classes to help you banish self-doubt and follow your bliss

Get the secrets for painting impressionistic landscapes and florals in stunning color and build your confidence with my online courses. I offer a variety of different programs in oils and acrylics designed to suit all types of artists in their journey—whether you're a new painter who needs help breaking into the craft or an amateur artist who could use a boost of inspiration and a structure for improvement.
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Student poppies canvas terry"Poppies on Gold" - Terry Lyle, student
Student hydrangeas canvas theresa"Hydrangeas" - Theresa Baylor, student
Student wildflower canvas kelly"Wildflower Garden" - Kelly Sanders, student
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Helping you enjoy the process of creating wall-worthy art

The creative process can be filled with self-doubt, frustration, and loneliness. But imagine a world where guesswork is a thing of the past, where finding inspiration feels more like second nature than a part-time job, where you are empowered to make bold choices in your work. You are much closer to reaching this world than you think—and my online courses are designed to help you break through. Each course offers you the opportunity to engage with new subjects, explore your creativity more deeply, and get the tools to reach your potential with confidence and grace as we paint gorgeous scenes together step-by-step.

Giving you the secrets to painting in a wet-on-wet, impressionistic style

Hi I'm Nancy Medina, and helping aspiring artists navigate past self-doubt is my calling! Every beginner or intermediate online course I offer includes up to 8 start-to-finish lessons that demonstrate every brushstroke with clear verbal instruction—plus palette maps, supply guides, my Secret Sauce Medium recipe, and more! Yours for life once you enroll, they can be taken from anywhere, at any pace from our online student platform—which was designed with straightforward navigation so you can focus on what you love... painting! Plus, all my students get access to join our private Facebook group to share work and connect with other like-minded artists in a community setting. What are you waiting for? It's time to find your painting bliss.

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2,200 students turned confident impressionist painters

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Kathy“I'm hooked on these lessons with Nancy. I find her use of color to make every painting come alive fascinating. I'm learning a lot and can see myself improving after every lesson."
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Cecilia"Until Nancy, I was basically a failure to launch, always studying but rarely painting, so basically a dreamer. Thanks to Nancy, I paint now. Vivid color is something totally new to me, little did I understand at this phase of my life how much I needed it. The colors permeate my soul."
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Patricia"You will start to build a fine art language that permeates all the lessons. Nancy is always sweeping up prior info, reinforcing and building new info in a humorous, poetic and dependable style. She has powerful consistency!"

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