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My Story

If you’re like me, your art journey wasn’t linear. My path was pretty twisty, with detours, occasional stalls, and a few vacation getaways that interrupted brush time. When life calls, one must answer. When I was 30 years old, my new year’s resolution was to put away the charcoal pencils and pick up a paint […]

Broken Things I Treasure

Broken things I treasure rest on a ledge in my studio, bathed in autumn gold sunshine from the skylights above. Among these is a small pink angel with a rough, chipped veneer. My friend Sara made this for me over 20 years ago, when I lived in Santa Barbara. She had tossed the angel into […]

The Egg Lady

In my quest for local flowers, flower deliveries, and all things with petals, I’ve been making a weekly trip to the local farmer’s market near the Pioneer Museum in downtown Colorado Springs. Surrounded by sculptures, local art booths, and bakers all vying for the title of yummiest cookies in town, I indulge in some color […]

The Rise and Fall

It’s been an eventful spring in my new Colorado Springs studio, but the sun has made an appearance, and the cold is receding. Ten days out from Carlos’ hip surgery, a very tough road of recovery is behind us, and I find myself back in front of the easel, feeling my way slowly but surely […]

Igniting Joy

There is something special about this spring, more special than many springs that have come before. It feels like we are reawakening from a long sleep, and the possibilities of life seem sweeter, the tomorrows more bright, and the knowledge that we will be able to see friends and loved ones again has taken on […]

Daily-ish Painting

It’s been a busy few months in Joyful Brush Studio here in sunny Colorado Springs, as the final touches on the new art space are in place, and a new online class in acrylics launched this week. Launch day for a new online class is equal parts exhilaration and equal parts terror. Will all the […]

The Art Journey Do Over

  My best friend in high school said the first time she ever noticed me in class was the day I wore orange pants, orange socks and an orange T shirt. There was definitely something different about me, she said. Soon after, we were inseparable, and spent a great deal of energy carving out well […]

Only The Stars to Guide Me

    When I was a child, we would play a game on warm summer nights in the deep woods of our 20-acre farm. We would walk up the field road between thick groves of trees, playing hide and go seek in the pitch black of night. The only way to stay on the path […]

Big News in a Little Studio

  It’s been a crazy few months since my last post here on the blog. I blame two interrupters: a new online class opening (more about that in a minute) and some crazy big news – we are moving again! It may sound slightly insane to pack up the brushes all over again, less than […]

Painting Fresh Peonies

  I painted peonies fresh from my garden live today for members of my online Joyful Brush class. This is the first time I’ve ever painted my own home-grown peony blossoms! The flower models are the Dr. Alexander Fleming variety, and were the first to open in my garden. Their pale pink color kept saying […]

The Nosy Neighbor

  One of the coolest things about living in our new home is the number of folks who grow vegetable gardens here in Colorado Springs. The gardening clubs and crazy about flower societies abound, and sustainability seems to be a badge of pride. I love that, because I grew up on an organic farm that […]

How to Build an Idea Garden

For the first time ever, I’m planting peonies, dahlias and lilacs in my gardens. Living in a mountain climate is definitely on the chilly side, so I’m hoping the payoff will be some extraordinary blossoms in our late springtime. Being an artist gives me lots of excuses to spend money at the local nurseries, support […]


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